Our mission

 To help business professionals become better Problem-Solvers, Decision Makers, Innovators and Leaders, aka "Headscratchers"

Headscratchers was started by Mike Kallet in 2004.  We are experts in teaching critical thinking.  It's not easy to learn and not easy to teach, but we've developed a pragmatic way to teach critical thinking in a way that is easy to understand and put into practice.

Our courses are designed for the business professional and applicable for every kind of business, every discipline at at every level.  We've conducted hundreds of course for thousands of people, ranging from individual contributors to corporate executives, small to large companies, in Marketing, Sales, Customer Service, Finance, Operations, Development, R&D, Legal, Regulatory and more.  We've trained people in private, public, non-profit and government organizations. 

We're passionate about thinking and our enthusiasm and passion is exhibiting the our courses.  We keep the participants interested and engaged. 

Our in-person and virtual live workshops are customized for groups of 10 or more.  For individuals, we've re-worked the content to be taught and easily understood in an online, self-paced format.

Headscratchers is located in Greenwood Village, Colorado, USA (just outside of Denver), although we deliver our workshops world-wide. 

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Thinking is the foundation that everyone uses for everything that they do. Critical Thinking improves that thinking.

Our Major Milestones

- Mike Kallet leaves his executive position at a telecom company and starts Headscratchers.
- Lots of research, interviews, experiments, trials that deepen Mike's understanding on how people go about "thinking". 
                           - Conducted numerous prototype and trial workshops that resulted in great feedback on what works and doesn't work.
                           - Headscratchers website (www.headscratchers.com) is born.
The first edition of The Headscratcher Post thinking tip is published
2006                 - Headscratchers develops a Model, Framework and toolset for critical thinking and a pragmatic way to teach it.
2007                 - Our first, in-person, customized, one-day Critical Thinking workshop is conducted 
2008-2010   - Business expands rapidly and in-person, customized workshops delivered throughout US for Commercial and Government clients
                            - Multiple refinements and versions of the workshop are created from our learning in teaching critical thinking. 
                            - 50th Edition of The Headscratcher Post thinking tip is published
2011                 - Began delivering open-enrollment workshops with mix of people from different companies.  
                             - Added advanced critical thinking tools, including Innovation  and created a second one-day workshop (advanced)
2012                   - Created Train-the-Trainer program and began licensing course to corporate training organizations.  
2013                   - We combined the one-day (core) workshop and the one-day (advanced) workshop, into a smoother two day workshop. 
2014                   - Course translated and delivered in Spanish for one of our corporate customers.
                              - Thinking Coach Module was added and the three-day in-person workshop is created. 
                              - Mike Kallet (CEO) authored Think Smarter and published by Wiley & Sons.
                              - 100th edition of The Headscratcher Post thinking post is published
2015                    - Added several variations of the courses for managers and leaders.
      - Continual refinement of courses with new and additional exercises and activities.
                               - First workshop delivered in Canada
- Multiple speaker and webinar engagements on critical thinking (between our busy training schedule)
2020                   - Yikes! All in-person workshops canceled due to Covid!  Converted workshops for Virtually Live Delivery using Zoom, Webex and                Blackboard.  (Included breakout exercises, visuals, chat, Q&A, discussions, etc.  Just like the in-person workshops).
                               - 150th edition of the Headscratcher Post thinking tip is published
- With the delivery of the virtual live workshops, we started delivering the workshops world-wide.
- In-Person workshops resume and now delivering both in-person and virtual live workshops.
- Created and began delivery of the on-line self paced version of the Core (1 day) course.
2024                    - ODIN is released

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