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Make Critical Thinking a core competency skill set for your career
from Mike Kallet, HeadScratchers CEO and author of Think Smarter.
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Thinking is the foundation that everyone uses for everything that they do. 

Critical thinking strengthens that foundation

On line, Self Paced Course


What our customers say

The course content is nothing short of exceptional. It covers a wide spectrum of critical thinking concepts, from the fundamentals to advanced techniques. What sets this course apart is its accessibility; it's designed in a way that both beginners and those with some prior knowledge can benefit significantly. The course materials were comprehensive and thoughtfully organized. Regular quizzes kept me engaged and helped reinforce the knowledge gained in each module. If you're seeking to enhance your critical thinking abilities and elevate your problem-solving skills, look no further!

Maggie Peña

Personally, I like this self-paced better than the live version just because you can work at your own pace. I think it is nice that you don’t have to rush through and can complete things on your time. It is very organized and well put together. I was able to get a better knowledge on critical thinking!

 Kendra Nymeyer

The critical thinking framework and techniques in this course were easy to understand and implement, yet powerful and enlightening. I highly recommend this course to anyone who wants to improve their decision making skills.

David Bauer

Highly recommend for corporate teams.   In today's business environment, the stakes are higher for getting to the best solution quickly. The Headscratchers toolkit is easy to put into action to drive high performance through common language and practices for individuals and teams. 

 Erika Strandell

Fantastic course! Life changing! This course is extremely well-done, with thought-provoking information, real-life examples, and insightful activities to bring it home. I will never think about thinking the same way!

Carol Brush

A practical framework to improve your thinking and decisions. Mike's framework is a great approach to being more intentional in your critical thinking and decision-making. It's practical - meaning less focused on theory and more focused on a proven framework that's easy to understand, follow and gets results!

Randy Campbell

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