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Your Online Decision-Making Intelligent Navigator

Online – This tool is accessible via the internet from your PC or Smart portable device.

Decision-making - Critical thinking is fundamentally about making better decisions. This smartbot’s primary function: to aid users in developing their ability to make sound, logical, and well-informed decisions.
Intelligent - This reflects the smartbot's advanced AI capabilities. Not only does it refer to the bot's ability to process information and provide intelligent responses, but it also is a tool designed to foster intelligence in its users, enhancing their cognitive skills and critical thinking abilities.
Navigator – The smartbot acts as a navigator, guiding users through the complexities of critical thinking, helping them to navigate through challenging problems, and steering them towards clearer and more effective thought processes.

How ODIN Works

ODIN uses Open AI's GPT AI Engine. We created an instruction set from our Framework and Critical Thinking Toolset. With this, ODIN will lead the conversation and ask critical thinking questions per the framework. The dialog with ODIN is just as you would dialog with another person who is helping you. ODIN will ask a question related to your Headscratcher, you answer, ODIN will ask another question, etc. ODIN's goal is to get you to think. Additionally, the user can fill in Thinksheets for ODIN to critique.

The Value of a Thinking Coach

We’ve been teaching critical thinking since 2004. Some of the comments we receive from prior students include:
• It’s hard to think of the questions to ask, or I’ve run out of questions to ask.
• I miss getting feedback on my work.
• It would be great to always have someone to work with, who will ask me the tough questions and keep me focused on the process.

One of the modules we teach in our multi-day course is “Being a Thinking Coach”.  In this role, you help others think critically.  But a live thinking coach is not always available.

The Headscratcher Thinking Coach Smartbot, a.k.a., ODIN was created to be that Thinking Coach. It can:
• Ask you a lot of questions.
• Critique your work.
• Be there 24/7 to keep you focused and ask you the tough questions.

We combined Headscratcher critical thinking framework and toolset with Open AI’s Large Language Model (aka ChatGPT) and created the Headscratchers critical thinking  smartbot Thinking Coach, ODIN.

ODIN uses the framework structure during its conversation with you to help YOU think.  

Try ODIN with the free 2 day trial period.   
Your payment method will not be charged until the trial period is over and you have not cancelled.

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